Kit List

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our Kit

From amazing adjustable stairmasters, authentic curved treadmills, motorized treadmills with the latest screen sharing technology and don’t forget our suite of WattBikes, Concept 2 Rowers and Ski Ergs, we really are more than just a lifting gym! Over 25 pieces of state of the art CV equipment, a fully functional training rig as the centerpiece of our functional zone. Add to this competition specification Powerlifting and Weightlifting equipment, over 20 resistance machines, 18 benches, and dumbbells up to 100kg we really do have it all.

  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Assault Bikes
  • Concept 2 Ski Ergs
  • Intenza Treadmills
  • Curved Treadmills
  • Intenza adjustable stepmills
  • WattBikes
  • 2 Prowler Sleds
  • 30m Astroturf Track
  • Competition Kettlebells
  • Dynamax Wall Balls
  • Farmers Walk Handles
  • Strongman Yoke
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Flying Pull Up Stations
  • 19 Lifting Platforms including 2 Weightlifting Comp Platforms and 2 dedicated Powerlifting Comp Platforms
  • Jerk Blocks
  • 6 Power Racks
  • 6 Half Racks
  • 4 Squat Stands
  • 1 Yoke
  • 1 IPF Kombo Rack
  • Edinburgh’s Only Monolift
  • 3 Competition Bench Presses
  • Incline Bench Press
  • 10,000kg of weight plates
  • 14 Pieces of fixed resistance equipment, including Smith Machine, Matt Wenning Belt Squat, Glute Drive, Hack Squat, V Squat, Adductor/Abductor and GHR
  • 15 fully adjustable Dumbbell Benches
  • Dumbbells Up to 100kg
  • 6 Cable Stations
  • Texas Deadlift Bar
  • Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar
  • Rogue Ohio Power Bars
  • Zhangkong Competition Bars (M+F)
  • Zhangkong Training Bars (M+F)
  • Trap Bars
  • Multi Grip Bars
  • Safety Bars
  • Cambered Bars
  • Chains and Bands
  • Pulling Blocks

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