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Best gym I've been to, and one of the best in Scotland! Amazing quality of equipment that you don't need to queue or wait for. Staff are always happy to help and the community with other members is so positive where everyone supports and helps each other. The gym itself is always clean and tidy with improvements constantly being considered, with new additions to the range of equipment too. It's really a great space for all kinds of training and workouts! 🙂

Mairi Scobie

LIFT has the most amazing family atmosphere.

Our passionate staff will take care of you in our amazing free classes, or just day to day on the gym floor. At LIFT you know you will have the support you need to help you power through to your goals and make the gym a safe, fun place to be.

We provide an unparalleled member experience that the low cost, mid-tier, and upmarket boutique gyms can’t match. By providing the support and safety of a smaller personal gym with a broad range of equipment and classes alongside regular informational seminars to create that home away from home. Come and experience LIFT today with our 10 day free pass available here:

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I started out like many people with the goal of simply “getting fit”. Mainly by running I indeed got fitter and this culminated in running the Edinburgh Marathon, and the Great North Run in 2013. What I didn’t appreciate until later was how important my nutrition, and using different apparatus was in my exercise routine. At first, I was intimidated by the free weights section of my gym as there wasn’t much kit and it was always busy, so I couldn’t take the time to figure how to use it properly....

I decided to hire a personal trainer and honestly, I have never looked back. What I hope to achieve at LIFT is to remove many of the obstacles I faced on my journey towards my fittest and healthiest self. By creating this supportive and welcoming environment I really believe we can work together to reach the version of you that you desire. Whether that is becoming confident to step into the free weights section, improving your marathon time or simply feeling happier within yourself, I know we have the tools you need.

As I have moved from my twenties into my second twenties and then into my third twenties (ok I’m in my 40s) I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life, getting better every year and the cliché of age being just a number is completely true. I really look forward to seeing you around our place and please stop and say hi to me if you get the chance, I’m always happy to grab a coffee!


Andy Smith

I’m that person that has always had a sporting event to get to. From football and rugby to rock climbing and horse riding, the chances are I’ve had a bash at it! I’ve had reasonable success playing rugby but most of my sporting success is found in Powerlifting where I have set British and European records whilst winning European Silver and Gold medals. I have worked in the sports and fitness industry for over a decade and have studied up to MSc level throughout this time....

LIFT is my second project after running my own private personal training studio. What I wanted to do with LIFT was create the gym that you deserve. Combining top of the range custom designed equipment and a kick ass atmosphere, with changing rooms and a café that make you want to stick around, I know LIFT will give you the best opportunity to reach your fitness goals.

Opening LIFT with my business partners is the culmination of thousands of hours of work, study, planning and dreaming. I’m proud you chose to become a member of LIFT and am always looking for ideas to help improve the place and keep us at the forefront of the fitness industry. Do feel free to grab me if you see me, even if it is only to see Titan (my dog), I won’t be offended as I’m used to it by now!

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