About Us

LIFT is an elite training environment that is accessible to everyone, combining world class equipment with the amenities you deserve.

LIFT is modelled on elite sports institutes because they offer the best environment when it comes to your progression.  We believe in quality of movement and training whilst adhering to a programme that is based in the latest science allied to our industry experience.


LIFT has the right equipment balance for our members and will provide you with the knowledge and framework you need to succeed from day one.  We offer the best in effective training methods with the gold standard in equipment. When you work with LIFT you will get better.


We provide an unparalleled member experience that the low cost, mid-tier, and upmarket boutique gyms can’t match by delivering an elite level of fitness facility to you.  Being fit has now become a status symbol.  The concept of going to the gym and running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is gone.  LIFT offers an alternative way for members to train with more emphasis on efficient, and effective training using kit that you just won’t see at bigger gym chains.